Scarlet Dot

Only time for a quick lunch today, so somewhere nearby was required. The trend with most of the restaurants in Spitalfields Market is during weekday lunchtimes, a market-style stall is set up just ouside serving takeaway lunches around the £5-£7 range, usually peddling a couple of compacted versions of dishes served in the restaurant. Today, Scarlet Dot – I had no idea the ‘Dot’ was noteworthy until seeing it on Urbanspoon – caught my attention.


A Thai/Indian restaurant. Normally, I run for the hills at the mention of the word ‘fusion’ – I much prefer a place that specialises in one cuisine or dish – but seeing the skewers of chicken tikka sizzling away on the gas grill, and the chef snapping off fresh dough, rolling, and sticking them into the tandoori, it was quite impressive.


Chicken wrap ordered, the service was so quick they had to call me twice to get my attention as I gazed into the distance thinking I had plenty of time. A fresh naan, stuffed to the brim with chopped chicken, lettuce and cabbage, and covered in a yoghurt and spicy tamarind sauce, like the stuff you get on pani puri normally. Quite a messy eat – it’s impossible to fully enclose the thing like with a burrito, due to the thickness of the naan. Also, the paper they wrap it in is folded into the middle of the bread, so some dismantling is required unless you want a mouthful of it.


Overall, very basic fillings, massive portion and very satisfying – but couldn’t help thinking you could get the same thing for half the price 5 minutes away on Brick Lane.

Chicken Wrap
Mess Factor – 4 definitely need to sit down for this
Value – 3 £6, not too bad if convenience is the main issue
Taste – 3 nothing ground breaking, but pleasing nonetheless
Speed – 5 the Usain Bolt of lunch queues

Scarlet Dot on Urbanspoon


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