Patty & Bun

A quick disclaimer: this place is nowhere near the city, and I went for dinner not lunch, but whatever you smart arses – you’ll understand why I wrote about it when you go there.



If you’re a fan of the brilliant blog Luv & Hat, you will undoubtedly have read their hilarious post on fancy burgers – if not, do it. I’ve pretty much been on the side of Hat most of my life, burgers were the kind of thing you got on the way to catch a night bus after a piss up on a weekend, purely because McD’s is the only place still open at 2am.

After going to New York for the first time last year, all that changed. Arriving armed with a list of food places and a hunger the size of the Chrysler, the first place I ate at was Shake Shack and I have since gone burger mental.

I ended up at Patty & Bun after a few drinks on Tuesday night, and it was a full house – no queues, but we had to wait a couple of minutes for a free table. It’s a tiny joint, not as edgy-hipster-trilby as MeatLiquor, I liked it. I ordered the Smokey Robinson – a 6oz-ish patty, caramelised onions (ooh, animal-style), cheese, bacon, lettuce, what tasted like a roasted tomato, and BBQ sauce – and it was a glorious, sloppy, juicy triumph of burgernomics.


The smoked wings were probably the best wings I’ve had in the UK, crispy on the outside and falling off the bone (Orange Buffalo give them a good run for their money) and the rosemary chips were just alright. The staff were very attentive, and the owner even came over for a chat about how the meal was. The next time you’re in central and you don’t want to stand in the freezing cold outside MeatLiquor, head here – you’ll probably enjoy it more.

P.S. If you haven’t heard yet, Shake Shack are opening in Covent Garden this Summer – I’m so frikking excited.


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