Byron Hamburgers – The Real Shady preview

Just a quick review. I managed to snag a ticket to a preview of Byron’s latest special – if you  are a burger fan and haven’t signed up to the ‘Burger Club’ yet, I suggest you go do that now. Now they have chef and burger fanatic Fred Smith (of Admiral Codrington fame) creating for them, the specials are usually pretty cool.

This one was based not on Eminem’s favourite Detroit burger as you might have assumed, but the Shady Glen Diner in Manchester, Connecticut’s signature burger. While most things on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives generally make me feel sick and my chest tighten just looking at them, this burger looked epic – slices of cheese placed on the burger, far exceeding the perimeter of the meat and landing on the grill creating a sheet of crispy cheese. Byron’s take on this was a smear of sweet pickle relish, the usual Byron bun and patty, a slice of American cheese and a sprinkling of ‘crispy’ cheddar bits.

Unfortunately, the bits were more chewy than crispy – a few of them getting stuck in the teeth like a toffee would. Most of them, however, just merged with the american cheese and were undetectable, so it was pretty much a standard cheeseburger. Bit disappointing, I’d stick with the Smoky. That said, some of the pics from other branches (this was the O2 Centre, Finchley Rd) look a lot better, maybe a second opinion is needed… One thing that is noticeable though is that while still cooked pink, Byron’s burger aren’t nearly as juicy as they used to be – pretty sure they have lowered the fat content of their patties in some misguided attempt at being ‘healthier’.



P.S. If you’re unsure what the Shady Glen burger is meant to look like, check out the pic’s on their UrbanSpoon page, and here’s an example from The Diner in Hong Kong…

Byron on Urbanspoon


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