On The Bab

Hmm. I wanted to try the new Beer & Buns pop-up which is a stones throw from my office, but they are currently only open in the evening. Craving KFC (Korean fried chicken) now, a quick Google for nearby places brought up Jubo (also evenings only according to their website) and On The Bab.

After a longer-than-planned walk, I arrived and immediately wondered what possessed them to name it this. I assume it’s a play on a Korean word (‘bibimbap’? Something to do with rice? My Korean is non-existent) but it sounds like either a term for a dirty kebab when pissed, or a euphemism for when aunt Irma visits

As I entered the premises, I was immediately pointed towards the counter for takeaway, before being shunted out of the way by a delivery guy. There is barely room to swing a kitten in here, and the 4 tables of couples packed in along the side looked very cramped.

Confusingly, the wings came in XS, S and L – upon placing my order for an XS, I was told it would be a 20 minute wait! Considering there were only 4 tables (all already eating) and 2 other people in the queue, it was annoying to say the least. Instead I ordered the bibimbap with spicy pork (sneaky £2 surcharge included, £9.50(!) in total) and was back at my desk in 10 minutes.


So, the five main parts that made this up were the rice, shredded carrot, beansprouts, fried egg and the spicy pork – unfortunately, they were all average-to-bad. The rice was over-cooked, so much so that there was a pool of water at the bottom of the mush. The carrot was passable, but the beansprouts were greasily fried and slimy. The spicy pork was probably the biggest disappointment, especially considering the surcharge, consisting of unidentifiable chopped meat in a sweet sauce, and the egg-yolk was disappointingly hard. The only saving grace was the little pot of gochujang that I smothered it all in, other than that, a bit of a disaster.

All in all, not recommended.


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